Mission and Ethics


Founded in 2004 by Robert Levy, Trust Merchant Bank has positioned itself as a bank providing a wide range of banking services tailored to the needs of all members of the community individuals, as well as national and international institutions. We are committed to always listening to the needs of our customers; we are convinced that the demands of every customer can find an answer.

The TMB is actively contributing to the development of the DRC’s economy and is determined to establish a lasting and sustainable presence on Congolese soil as demonstrated by the following:

  • The Bank is the owner of the majority of its branch network;
  • Our branch network continues to grow strongly: In 2012 and 2013 TMB has been opening on average one new branch outlet every month;
  • TMB was the first organisation to launch microfinance banking services in the DRC;
  • Present in more than twenty five cities across each of the Congo’s eleven provinces, TMB is the only bank to offer nationwide coverage across the DRC, underlining our commitment to providing banking services to all.

Synonymous with durability and reliability, our presence gives customers the security of a bank that accompanies them through all the stages of their lives.


A cornerstone of the economic model of TMB is an absolute commitment to international best practices with regards to corporate ethics, including the fight against money laundering. Strict compliance with all national and international requirements forms the basis of our way of doing business.

The TMB is actively involved in the fight against money laundering. This unwavering commitment was illustrated in 2010 when the Bank provided considerable support and sponsorship to the authors and publishing of “Lutter Contre le Blanchiment”, the first book to openly highlight the problems of terrorist financing and money laundering in Africa central, and in particular in the DRC.

TMB has in place a strict policy against funding and supporting businesses and individuals whose activities involve the use of child labour, are environmentally destructive or are involved in illegal mining.